Welcome to Lights Off Dance On, where the dance floor is your sanctuary. I offer a safe, low-light dance space exclusively for women where for around an hour you get to dance freeform to a huge range of songs. You move your body however you want to – there is no instruction and no directions.

Whether you crave the high of a good dance without the nightclub scene, need to shake the weeks stress through movement, or seek a fun and regular exercise routine to break a sweat.. I’ve got you covered! This is your time to switch off, drop in and listen to what your body needs.

Together we co-create a safe, fully immersive space. I aim for the sweet spot between light enough so you can see silhouettes of others, and dark enough so you can’t make out their features. This unique dance floor environment allows for a judgement free space while keeping it safe. Dancing in the anonymity of darkness encourages your inhibitions to make way for freedom of expression.

During this practice we allow ourselves to leave distractions at the door. This means that the dance floor is a talk and mobile-free zone, which allows you to connect with your inner rhythm. However, I fully encourage expressions of joy – whether that’s clapping, singing along or letting out a scream if that’s what your spirit calls for!

Join me in this unique dance experience (most suited to ages 14+) and let’s co-create a space full of fun movement and self-expression!