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I’ve lived a life full of diverse experiences, from earning my pilot’s licence, to doing 5000+ parachute jumps, to completing an environmental science degree. I’ve also embraced a range of leadership roles including park ranger, wildfire firefighter and parachute instructor.   

Amidst all my adventures, I’ve always had a passion for dancing. However, dance took on a whole new significance in my life a decade ago after a serious skydiving accident left me with a spinal injury which led to surgery. 

My physical and mental recovery was a long and tough journey, requiring far more than what physiotherapy alone could offer. It wasn’t until a dear friend introduced me to conscious dance that true healing – mind, body and soul – began to unfold.

My second evolution in dance happened in 2022 when after almost a decade of government environmental work I was presented with challenges that took a toll on my mental health. Recognising the importance of prioritising my wellbeing I did the ultimate act of self care and resigned. It was a pivotal moment that prompted me to reassess my path and ultimately led to me starting this business. 

And now I want to extend the joy of dance to you!  After all of the risky, challenging and sometimes downright dull roles I’ve held, I’ve made it my mission to create a  space exclusively for women where we can all just ‘be’ for an hour. Not to escape, but to come home.. to ourselves.  

So come join me on the dance floor and lets co-create a space where we can all  reconnect to the wisdom of our bodies and rediscover the playful spirit within.. and have a damn good time doing so!