Welcome to Lights Off Dance On, where the dance floor is your sanctuary. I offer a safe, low-light dance space where for around an hour you get to dance freeform to a wide range of songs and moods. You move your body however you want to – there is no instruction and no directions.

Dancing in the dark offers a unique and immersive experience that goes beyond the conventional dance setting.

The low-light dance space allows individuals to let go of inhibitions and self-consciousness and the anonymity of darkness creates a judgement-free space where people feel safe to express themselves fully.

As you will be in relative darkness and refrain from talking for an hour, we recommend ages 14+ for this practice. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

I aim for the sweet spot between light enough so you can see the silhouettes of other dancers, but dark enough so that you can’t make out their features – this allows for a judgement free space while keeping it safe. Dancing in the anonymity of darkness allows your inhibitions make way for freedom of expression. Light levels may vary between venues due to limitations such as safety lighting or street lighting, and I make every effort to create the perfect environment to release your inner dancing diva. 

Absolutely. Heaps of people do! It’s up to you whether you come with mates or not. Regardless, once the music starts, everyone finds room on the dance floor and does their own thing.. we have a no-chatting-on-the-dancefloor policy anyhow, so you won’t feel left out. Attending alone is totally normal, welcome and even encouraged! Don’t wait for others to decide.. get into it!

No. As we aim for a dancing in the dark experience, any lights will be a distraction to those around you. We also fully respect the privacy of those expressing themselves on the dance floor, so please leave your phones in your bags or turn on flight mode. If you want to keep your fit bit on you to record your steps, feel free to deactivate the lighting or pop it into your pocket or bra. Glow sticks are also a no-go. 

You’ll get the most out of this practice if you allow your chatty brain to switch off and hand over control to the body, so it can tell you what it needs. For this reason I ask that you to refrain from chatting on the dancefloor. It’s a courtesy to both yourself and those around you. Saying that, I strongly encourage spontaneous clapping, cheering and singalongs.. that’s part of the magic that brings the dancefloor together on another level. If you need to have a conversation, no worries – you’re free to step outside anytime. 

When you book a ticket online, simply follow the prompts and name a minimum of three requests to inspire the playlist. You may not get your request played every time, but your selection will inform the playlist. Keep in mind that your requests must be submitted via online booking at least 24 hours before your dance start time. 

Anything goes! Top 100 Hits? Bring it. 80s and 90s classics? I’m here for it. Classical or ballet? Send it my way. One of your faves from the Wiggles or Bluey? Of course! Weird-ass niche song that none of us have heard but need to hear? I live for it. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us jump around like crazy. Just make sure you buy a ticket and make a request! 

Whatever you want! As long as you wear clothes we’re happy. 😉 People generally wear activewear because they work up a sweat, but you do you boo. Soft shoes (runners etc.) or bare feet are welcome, no hard shoes please as they scuff up the floors.

You are able to book a ticket, Dance Package or Weekly Membership on our Dance Schedule page. I also take cash and card at the door for casual walk-ins, subject to availability. 

Save money AND time! 5 Dance Packages are valid for 6 months, and can be used at any weekly location. Available for purchase online only. Once you’ve purchased your Dance Package, simply log into your Momence booking software account and book your next dance. Bookings with Dance Packages must be made online and in advance.

The best boogie bang for your buck! Purchasing a Weekly Membership will get you entry to one dance per week at any weekly location. Available for purchase online only. Once you’ve purchased your Weekly Membership, simply log into your Momence booking software account and book your next dance. Bookings with Weekly Memberships must be made online and in advance. Note: Memberships will only be charged to accounts on the weeks that dance is scheduled at the designated venue. 

All bookings for events held by Lights Off Dance On are non-refundable. If you cancel a session booked with a Dance Package, you will loose 1 credit from that package. Refund only available if program is cancelled by facilitator. 


The Queensland Government no longer requires proof of vaccination for dance studios. Please look after each other and follow Qld Health COVID-safe practices

Recent positive COVID-19 test 

If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19, please do not attend an event held by Lights Off Dance On for a minimum of 7 days after you first tested positive and no longer have any symptoms, as outlined by Queensland Health

COVID-19 Safety Plan 

There is no longer a requirement to provide a business COVID-19 safety plan or policy.